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Alpine Open Carrier

Alpine's diverse customer base continues to grow along with our repertoire of well-maintained trucks and reputable drivers. We have become the auto transport industry's leading service provider for car collectors, enthusiasts, and dealers alike. Whether you're looking to ship an exotic, vintage, classic, or your everyday work vehicle, Alpine has the appropriate equipment to move your vehicle efficiently. We offer three basic types of auto transportation: Open, Enclosed, and VIP.

Open Transport

The average customer will be more than satisfied with an open carrier. Our experienced drivers will carefully load/unload each vehicle as if it were their own. You can trust that your vehicle will always be more secure on our truck than it would be driving on the road. We use only soft tire straps to ensure the highest level of safe transportation. We do our very best to avoid bad weather. Those concerned with natural elements such as dust, dirt, rain, and hail should consider shipping their vehicle enclosed.

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