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When selecting an auto transport company to ship your vehicle overseas, there are many factors to be considered. It is imperative that you ask a lot of questions about document handling and insurance claims. Depending on your destination, you may need special documents and insurance. You may need the lien holder's permission to export a vehicle if there is any type of lien recorded on the title. International shipping usually requires multiple copies of the title of ownership. Some U.S. ports may require a Bill of Sale or a notarized Bill of Sale. When shipping a new vehicle overseas, you must obtain an original Certificate of Origin, and Bill of Sale from the dealership. U.S. Customs may require other personal documents that may or may not be returned.

You should obtain an International Driver's License from your local AAA Automobile Association. Only Europe will accept your regular state issued Driver's License and let you can keep your license plates until your registration expires. You can nominate any person to pick up the vehicle at the destination Port, but this must be arranged before shipping. That person may be required to show their Driver's License, Copy of the Title of Ownership, and a letter of permission to pick up the vehicle. Foreign car insurance can usually be purchased at the port of destination when the vehicle is picked up.

Shipping Containers

There may be limitations when shipping your vehicle in a container. The limitations include size, weight and contents. The internal dimensions of a 20ft container are approximately 19.5ft long by 7.5ft high and 7.5ft wide. The weight limit for a 20ft container is approximately 20,000 pounds. The internal dimensions of a 40ft container are approximately 39.5ft long by 7.5ft high and 7.5ft wide. The weight limit for a 40ft container is approximately 40,000 pounds. You may not ship any combustible materials and you are limited by what the destination country will allow you to import.

It is the vehicle owner's responsiblility to make sure that their exported cargo will be permitted into the destination country. LImitations may include the vehicle's age, and which side of the vehicle is the driver's seat. There could also be limitations on personal belongings. Each country has its own import/export rules and regulations. Customers should do their own research before shipping a vehicle overseas.

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