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Alpine enclosed carrier

Alpine's diverse customer base continues to grow along with our repertoire of well-maintained trucks and reputable drivers. We have become the auto transport industry's leading service provider for car collectors, enthusiasts, and dealers alike. Whether you're looking to ship an exotic, vintage, classic, or your everyday work vehicle, Alpine has the appropriate equipment to move your vehicle efficiently. We offer three basic types of auto transportation: Open, Enclosed, and VIP.

Enclosed Transport

Our enclosed trailers are fully protected on all sides. You can sleep soundly knowing that your vehicle will be delivered in the same pristine condition that it was, stored safely in your garage at home. Our equipment is clean, and well-maintained at all times. Alpine's outstanding reputation for enclosed vehicle shipping is unmatched in the industry. Our team of professionals understand your passion, and we share the same enthusiasm when it comes to cars. Enclosed transport is not for everyone, but if you care for your car as much as we do, you should ship your vehicle enclosed.


We understand that some people have important deadlines, or other circumstances that require special attention. Anything is possible, at a price. We offer this VIP service to customers with custom schedules that demand advanced booking options. Oversized vehicle? No problem! VIP service also includes international shipping, boats, Jet skis, ATVs, and Motorcycles. We do it all!

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